hong kong NFT marketplace

Nowadays, the world was filled with technologies and new ideas. In this trendy world majority of the people are aware of the term cryptocurrency. And now non-fungible tokens (NFT) also becoming popular among celebrities, actors.

Accordingly, many Chinese movie stars, directors, singers, pop stars, and celebrities are entering the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) world. NFT can store on a digital ledger, to engage better with their fans and to tap a new idea of making money.

More so, this month, some of the famous personalities in Hong Kong’s entertainment world such as Wong Kar Wai, Gigi Yim, and Hins Cheung have been disclosed their respective NFT projects.

Hong Kong Celebrities NFT Projects
On October 6, Hong Kong’s famous film director Wong Kar-wai sold a non-fungible token (NFT) based on behind-the-scenes footage from his movie namely In the Mood For Love, fetching HK$4.3 million through a Sotheby’s auction.

Eventually, after a few days, the famous Hong Kong singer Gigi Yim, revealed that her first music video will enter into an NFT, which fans can own. The single music video-based NFT is currently worth over HK$4,095. Yim also declared that the proceeds of the NFT sales will go towards charity.

And this week, a veteran singer Hins Cheung joined the NFT frenzy as he disclosed his recent concert on Tuesday. Hins Cheung has recorded a mystery video in the lead-up to the December concert. The NFT related to the video will auction at a starting price of HK$100,000. As Yim, Cheung also declared proceeds from NFT sales will go towards charity.

Currently, Hong Kong has emerged as a popular and famous destination for NFT launches by Chinese celebrities, as regulators in mainland China remain wary of blockchain-enabled digital tokens, which have gained the attention of speculators. Many mainland-based celebrities, including singers A Duo and Gao Jiafeng, also joined the trend and issues NFTs.

Henceforth, Hong Kong is a top place for art auctions, and Shawn Yue Man Lok, a Hong Kong Movie star who starred in Infernal Affairs II. Shocked the city in September when he sold his collections of 14 NFTs. They compromised the famous art pieces such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club and fetched about HK$120 million at an auction organized by Christie’s, marking a new Asia record. Even Yue mentioned the part of the proceeds will go towards charity.

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